Promoting Your Business

We are confident that BrillKids offers the most innovative and effective early learning programs on the market. As an Early Learning Consultant, your business is about building relationships, sharing information, and changing lives - not high pressure sales tactics!

In fact, you do not need to be a typical "salesperson" to present our products. Once parents learn about how our software will benefit their children, our products sell themselves. Your aim is to allow parents to decide what is best for their children and by doing so, you will find that abundant financial rewards are a natural byproduct of this balanced approach.

Here are a few ways in which you can promote your business:

  • Blog or Website Marketing
  • Home Parties
  • Online Parties
  • Flyer swaps
    • Play groups
    • Library story times
    • Preschools, Daycare Centers, Children's activity centers
    • Fundraisers
    • Book Fairs
    • Baby Fairs
    • Obstetricians/Pediatricians
    • Lactation Consultation Centers
    • Hospital new baby gift bags/folders
    • 3-D vanity ultra ultrasound clinics
    • Children's festivals & events
    • Independent children's boutiques
    • Independent maternity boutiques
    • Infant/child photographers
  • Post in other Parenting Forums
  • Get Social! Use Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc
  • Talk about us in Pregnancy groups

What we give you

As a BrillKids Affiliate and Early Learning Consultant, you'll be out there spreading the word on the benefits of early education and bringing our products to the doorsteps of hundreds of parents - and we're committed to staying by your side every step of the way.

Here's just a few of the things we provide you to get your business started:

  • Your unique coupon code which will work with BrillKids Online Stores around the world*
  • A section in your BrillKids Account management page where you can track all your affiliate sales and referral activity.
  • A printable name card with your code on it
  • A printable coupon which you can hand out to your friends
  • Downloadable marketing materials in soft copy which you might need: posters, flyers, etc.

* The Affiliate Program is not applicable in the following countries: Israel, Korea, Spain and Vietnam.

To learn more, please read the updated Terms & Conditions.

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